Farmers we Love

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of visiting Bergman’s Family Farm to witness the harvesting of their Sonora Wheat. I met Amanda Bergman about a year ago at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and we quickly recognized our kindred spirits. We bonded over baking, community, and heritage grains, and to my delight, she told me her family was about to harvest their first certified organic crop of Sonora Wheat. Becoming certified organic for a small farm in no small thing, so I was thrilled to hear that they had come through the process with flying colors. That conversation was the first of many, and the beginning of a deep friendship with the Bergmans. As soon as the Sonora was available, I bought a bag from Amanda and began milling it in my little table-top Komo to make flour for sourdough bread. The flavor was exquisite, and I instantly knew I wanted this grain and this farm to be at the heart of our Crumb Crafters story. A year and many more rounds of sourdough later, I found myself on a combine at their farm helping harvest this local, drought resistant, heritage grain. We came full circle.  As with the sweetest of gatherings, there was eating and the spontaneous sharing of things we had made. Breaking bread and hearing the journey of this family I have come to love, reminded me of why it matters to go to the source. At the source of good ingredients is good farming, caring hands, generous spirits, innovative minds, and love. Love it at the source. Many thanks again to the Bergmans for inviting Crumb Crafters into their livelihood and for meeting us always with generosity and kindness. We hope you fall in love with their beautiful grain as much as we have.